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Florentines, approx.

Oven at 180oC

90g butter
3/4 cup sugar (I think we eventually did half this)

- melt in double boiler, stir until well combined.

120g currants
90g cranberries
90g figs (~7)
120g slivered almonds (inclined to think we doubled this)
40g pecans (think we doubled this too - probably 100g)

Chop cranberries and figs (~ currant sized), mix fruit and nuts all together, and toss with

2tbs of flour (30g)

Take pan off heat, stir in
pinch of salt
2 tbsp double cream

Stir all together, make into little biscuits, or a slice, or whatever seems to work. USE SILICON BAKING MATS. The sugar/butter combination forms a penetrating, potent cement in conjunction with baking paper.

Aldi 40% 200g block + 2 x 70-80% 100g blocks seems to be the right ratio of chocolate (1:1).

Trying to have a kid put on further hold since the ectopic in November; did our karyotyping bloodtests today. + 6 weeks.

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