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So I read the comments.

I read the comments on this piece. It was totally worthwhile. One of the OPs responses was this:

"Uh, Lucy? Conscription is gone from the USA. Haven’t had a draft in nearly 40 years. That’s a classic men’s rights activist red herring, undercutting the other points. And the “women and children first” policy is one of chivalry designed by men, not women.

And it is men who devised the social rules that leave men choosing suicide, when men are victims of violence, it is almost always at the hands of other men, and men who generally run the economy that has left so many men unemployed and under-employed. If it’s misandry, it’s misandry that’s internalized by men and not foisted on them by women. The suffering is real. But the cause wears a male face."

And reading My Big, Fat Photo Spoof was great. 

Oh, and Portal is free on Steam until the 20th. Of course, I got it, and it doesn't work with my computer. I told it to try anyway, with the amusing results including rotating the display on my screen (and the functioning of the mouse) sideways. 
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