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How can my parents be so well meaning, and so incredibly hurtful at the same time. 

Here are some wonderful eggs from our hens!!!11!one! ... why didn't you make a cake?

No, you didn't do anything wrong, we just made this decision without talking to you at all, completely overlooking everything you try and do. Sorry if we offended you! 

No, you only count as part of this family sometimes. Like when you look after our dogs. 

No, your illness does not bear talking about, nor being taken as seriously as your sister's. Look, you're doing things! Also, my mother might blame herself, as she has depression too. Oh, we didn't mention it when we were trying to figure out if it was genetic? Whoops!

No, it's totally okay to scream at you on the phone, "WHY ARE YOU SO LATE". See point above about sometimes counting, and making effort. 

Seriously wondering if it would be better if I just didn't see them for a very long time. 
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