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Buffalo Wings

 Still in progress. 
After visiting Misty's Diner in Prahran a few months ago I've been thinking about trying to make buffalo wings myself. 

First attempt involved roasting the wings, which took around an hour on 200.
Sauce was based on a tablespoon of butter, 2 tablespoons each of Worcestershire sauce, and Tobasco sauce. Some vinegar (white, and apple cider), chili flakes, pepper, and paprika too. 
Not bad. Strong smell of vinegar. Not quite the same, though. And far too much butter, unless you're using it as a baste thing. Which is what we did the next time - covered the wings in the sauce after roasting them for around 15 minutes, and then roasting the rest of the 45 with the sauce on. Then the sauce on the table to give it extra flavour. This time the wings were nice and crispy. The drumsticks seemed to work particularly well, but there is less surface area for the meat to have the sauce and flavour. But the skin was really crispy. DECISIONS!





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